I use you so many times now I forget how many! All my clients are so happy that the support is there really 24x7 and i love your prices! JssHosting you rock!!!



Customer service is real at!
Not only did your staff guide me through the web site process, they did so with patience, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

Thank you!
-John Shipley-


I'd like to thank you for a long partnership with outstanding customer service every time I deal with you - this is why I continue to recommend you guys and don't use anyone else for any of my websites or domain names!
Keep up the excellent work!

-Martin Tomkins-

"I have been an customer, under various accounts, for about 3 years now, and couldn't be more satisfied. Over the years I have needed assistance with my domains and accounts on many occasions (due to my own ignorance about how some things work), and I very quickly discovered that John goes FAR above and beyond anything I would expect when it comes to customer service."